Potter’s Kick Wheel

This traditional potter’s kick wheel was one of the earlier projects undertaken as part of my Masters Degree. Historically my work relied heavily on tradition and the aesthetic was often a consequence of  the craftsman’s spontaneity. I felt I needed make the transition from tradition to modern technology by combining the two, at the same time creating a resource for students.

The design for this wheel is based on the Japanese kick wheels, a style that had always admired for it’s simplicity, style, function and ingenuity, but never had the opportunity to use. Having access to the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine this wheel has been machined from sheets of 18mm ply wood and then glued and clamped together. The bearing is a ‘Lazy Susan’ that is attached to the base. I think this resource will be both beneficial to the institution and at cost of £80 within a budget of people that want experiment with traditional pottery techniques.