Architectural Ware

The body of work below was produced for an exhibition by MA students at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen. This work has been informed by earlier work on the Granada Jar, with more intricate explorations into architecture. The work is made using a variety of processes/ methods all of which incorporate modern technologies. This opportunity allowed me to develop my skills learnt from printing sections of the mould and improving the process. Printing first in PLA, and then using silicone moulding to create plaster models worked best, as once the plaster has set the silicone simply stretches out of the mould. often when casting harder materials the mould can be damaged when the model is released.

Silcone moulded platter. That pattern is printed, cast from plaster and then repeated.
Close-up of pattern.
Extruded using a die/stencil first made in illustrator and the cut in metal.
Large jar is hand thrown with 3D printed sprigs added afterwards.